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The Garage

When you hear the word “garage,” what’s the first word that comes to mind? Are the words possibly: dirty, dusty, cluttered, or even rusty? Well, we’re sure that initial thought will change after visiting OUR garage. When we hear “the garage,” we think of the words: antique, classic, and collectable, just to name a few. Our garage isn’t just where we store cars we store treasures as well. You’ll never know what to expect here because we are always finding things that seem to have been frozen in time. We love preserving history and know there are many people who appreciate this, too! So, feel free open up our garage door and take a look around.  Oh, and don’t worry about rolling up your sleeves; we’ve already done that for you.  

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Vintage Sunshine Family Surrey Cycle Tandem Bike

The Sunshine Family Home Accessories

Vintage Ohio Art Toy Drum

Tin Toy Litho Drum

Raider Full Face Helmet Silver Medium

Raider Full Face Helmet
$89.99 $49.99

Raider Full Face Helmet Silver XXL

Raider Full Face Helmet
$89.99 $49.99

Vintage Best True Fact Detective Magazine

Fatal Passion of the Two-Timing Playgirl

Vintage Kiss Destroyer Record Vinyl LP

Kiss Destroyer Record

Vintage Keystone Movie Camera

With Reflex Zoom

Vintage Nintendo NES Video Game System

Nintendo Entertainment System

Vintage Qualatex Oscar Mayer Wiener Ballons

Oscar Mayer Advertising

Vintage Wyandotte Cork Rifle

Wyandotte Cork Rifle

2002 Blue Drill Torch Lighter

Torch Lighter

2003 Shrek 2 Watch

Collectible Watch

Lot of 11Pc. Assorted Spark Plug Sockets

This lot consists of 11 spark plug sockets of various sizes.

Vintage Bolex 155 Movie Camera

Bolex Camera

Vintage Daisy BB Gun No. 118 - "The Daisy Targeteer"

Daisy's First Pistol BB Gun

Vintage Mason Pin

Masonic Pin

Vintage Paul Bunyan Record Vinyl LP

Paul Bunyan Unbreakable Record

Vintage Wyandotte Wooden Bird Target

Wyandotte Bird Target

Vintage Forest Glen Winery Button

Collectible Button

Collectible Memories Genuine Porcelain Doll

Genuine Porcelain Doll

Hyde Tools 2 ½” Tungsten Carbide Paint Scraper

This carbide paint scraper is new in the package.

Vintage Budweiser Cigarette Lighter

Budweiser Beer Adv.

Imex American Civil War Confederate Infantry Figure Set

Confederate Infantry Figure Set

Vintage Revell Angelsachsen/ Anglo-Saxons 42 Unpainted Figures 1066

Revell Anglo-Saxons Unpainted Figures

Vintage Lefton Colonial Village Figurines

Lefton's Village Collection

Vintage SAGA Magazine

The World's Most Exotic and Expensive Cars

1991 Medinah Circus Daddy Pin

Medinah Circus Memorabilia

Aretha Franklin Record LP - Aretha Arrives

Aretha Arrives Vinyl Record